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Us wanting to help, but knowing we can’t.

The pain can overwhelm a person if they have yet to start swimming.

Happy smiles; bright laughter,

To cover up what we already know.

The longing to be seen, touched, and felt by someone.

To find the safety and comfort under the arms of another.

The smile that lights up hearts and brightens the shadows.

But, when the shadows darken and the arms leave again,

The pain is water rising fast and deep.

Us not knowing what to say or what to do,

For fear of making the water rise higher.

She needs to swim,

Keep her head above the surface.

Fight to live,

And fight to find us once again.


Holding the weight on your shoulders and thinking that you are all alone.

You are not alone

Buildings have four walls to hold a roof;

Chairs have four legs to hold a seat,

And beds have four posts.

Your shoulders are not the first, nor last to bear this weight.

The pounds will not get lighter,

And the days will not be shorter.

But, your shoulders will become stronger.

And with three other posts,

The weight will be a little more bearable.

You are not alone

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