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Insomniac: To You

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To you

When you said that I am like that
I never said a word to you
When you said I should do that
I never fought for myself

Because in the world of woe that you created for me
You are the monster that controls me
And it always break my heart to live everyday
And see my life wasted this way

You are a demon smiling in the angel's mask
You are a liar hiding in your sweet words
You are a storm in my peace of mind
You are a poisonous person

I wished to be better, I always do
Because you wanted me to be someone else
You believed that I am nothing
You filled my head with limitations
You broken my wings when I wanted to fly high
You always doubt my dreams
You always wanted me to crawl
You always wanted me to feel the pain

Let be breathe please
Set me free...
Set me free...
I wanted to hear my own voice
Live the way I wanted
Shout if I have to
Why it's very hard when you're around?
Why am I so afraid of you?

My smiles are invisible
Happiness is untrue for me
Death is saying my name
I don't wanna go
I wanted to keep these little shadows of hope in my well being
I wanted to let you see that I can survive it
I wanted to let you know that even I cry, I am strong
That whenever you imprison me with distrust and disparagement
I can still find a life in it

© 2020 Crezyl

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