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Insipid Ride to Hell

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Blood pumping eye's burning,
watch 'cos your mind is turning,
digging deep into the bag,
mainline the red white and blue,
No! it's not the union jack,
from whence before you had a clue,
sweating cold, muscles aching,
careful of the amount your taking,
nevermind I'm not shy,
I could tell you the reason why,
digging deep, too deep for greed,
can't seem to find my lines of speed.
pushing deep to far to see,
the five mil rush, hunting for me,
your eyes become voids of black,
I hope I've got my trolly jack!
somewhere your mind is screaming,
bring back the hammer this boy is leaving,
buzz yourself numb, speak untill your dumb,
in the morning watch the rays of the morning sun.
Radioactivity falls from the skies,
bearded men with warts in their eyes,
cannonball run, tampax express!,
no time to clean up that bloody mess,
your spirit on its cosmic bike,
leads you towards another spike,
see the face of the moon,
looking up from a spoon,
no matter if you dig to deep,
I know the mysteries that you seek,
emptied my bag and I feel great!,
I'm riding to fast to ejeculate,
I could only speculate,
has my sanity arrived to late?
Losing power, don't forget to bail out,
the magical mystery tour is over,
as to that there is no doubt,
you fall like a brick from the sky,
no longer all those miles high,
well for six days now you've done your best,
done your drugs now take a rest,
Oh! I see an angel, timely steed,
tank full of petrol, bags full of speed,
I've gone loco, now into acid not the sulphuric kind,
but those little micros which introduces you to your psychedelic mind.
blow your skullular fuse,
don't unplug now, because you'll lose,
if you have the choice to choose,
don't refuse,
the more said the less fat to chew,
but to those not stoned this will confuse,
Laying beneath the black oily deep,
they call the briny foam,
it dreams but never sleeps,
heaves but never roams,
that cold restless ocean,
where those lost are never found,
hearts like ships are broken,
the screaming dead make no sound,
the sea is never lifeless,
yet it takes more than gives,
its secrets though will not confess,
and its memories not relive,
my bike rolled off the cliff at speed,
into the blackness below,
my bones will rest amongst the shadows,
of the mysteries and fall to earth as snow.

© 2019 Mark

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