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Inside and Out

Some days are better than others, but every day can be the best day of your life by giving thanks ✨


I am...

I am happiness,
I am loved,
I am resilient,
I am compassionate,
Always I'm blessed.

The inner voice I hear,
Differentiate thoughts,
Allow things which continue,
To give positive vibes.

Discuss my failures,
Tackle my negative thoughts,
(If any)
I will look them in the eye,
Show I believe them,
Emphasize and tell,
You are not right to me,
Just, Go away.

Be proud of this,
Leave positive impression,
Now I'm on right track,
This is not hard ,
I'm awesome at this,
My time, efforts, mistakes,
Helps me to learn better.

I will always set a plan B,
I can always improve,
Train my brain,
And I will keep trying,
Lastly, I'm beautiful
Inside and out.

© 2020 Shreya MK

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