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Inside I'll Be

Behind slumber, is the door to your mind
Existing in layers you will never find
Only me; I heard everything you said
Everything you did, everything involving time

I know this because I studied by your side
You were my teacher, but your life wasn’t complete
I knew one day, it would be repaved by me
But someone needs to know what lies beneath

How would you really know?
You never experience yourself,
Only we,
those who chose to live in your clothes,
try on your shoes, obsess to no end
Except to say,
we have something to tell you,
about yourself

But, let me tell you something about me
I want money to be a “War is wrong!” artisan
How pathetic is that, selling morality
But is it worse than believing in a charlatan?

I’m not the charlatan, I pass no plate
I don’t ask to be head of state
I’m not in the pulpit
Or waving Bibles in the street
I’m just another voice
Served on that plate

That’s all there is to it, speaking goodness
Filling the air with sounds that vanish
except in your mind; you remember
it sounded sweet, peace, love, Spanish

A love song, don’t try to translate it
You know by the voice, a painful vow
And their eyes, they’re inside your body
If you’re lonely, you’ll know it now

Don’t think about distance,
it will become who you are, faded sound
never in the moment, easily distracted
because you have no roots in the ground

I know better, you have passion and soul
But you’re so quiet, unable to break free
This is fire, it’s too late to deny yourself
I’ll give you your clothes back, inside I’ll be

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