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Inside A Working Brain


The One That I Am Most Fond Of

So many thoughts to think

Where will our minds stop?

Nobody knows

Filled with excitement and promise

Only to compute over a million facts and figures

In seconds coming up with all kinds of thoughts

Bringing up old ideas and adding in new concepts

Like an old adding machine gone wild

Better than any computer today

Faster than the speed of light

Electrically impulses firing off one by one

Non-stop action

Results coming in


What a discovery

My brain got a real work out

Now I have new leads to do things I never thought of

Until now that is

I have not only the power

You too have the power

We both can discover so many new wonderful creative thoughts

Just by thinking

As impossible as it may seem

It's true

I know I sound like an info commercial

But this is all about you

This will never cost you a dime

You can use it twenty-four hours a day

Seven days a week

Wishing you continued success

May each thought to grow at a phenomenal rate

Only to be outdone by a new and a better thought right after


DREAM ON (author) on December 15, 2020:

Chrish Canosa We have a great effect on people we meet if we know it or not. The littlest thing we say can have a wonderful influence and help in all sorts of ways. Thank you for always helping me keep writing when times get tough and we can find so many other things to do. The time passes and sometimes the thoughts that we think slip away. It is always good to enjoy today for what it is and our minds have unlimited potential to reaching new heights for all the things about to come. Have a great day.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on December 13, 2020:

I'll take that noted po :-)

And I'm very happy to hear that as well (putting smile in someones face is priceless, specially being able to help them forget what's weighing them, it does make my heart smile too)all the lessons you have shared po will always be added on my daily basis :-) a lots of thanks and Love! An awesome day to you and ur wife .

DREAM ON (author) on December 13, 2020:

Linda Crampton I cover a lot of ground. Our brain goes non-stop and I can't find the shut off. So I have to blend the good with the bad. I try to put it through a sifter but the good slides through faster than the bad. Then I try to put through a grinder then I just get mince meat. i enjoy the good and the bad make me cringe. i can't thank you enough for commenting and sharing so many wonderful thoughts. It is fun to explore. It is like opening a door to a room of so much of the unknown. We have so many experiences and thrills none we can hide. Have a beautiful and a Merry Christmas. I love when we all can appreciate our special holidays with family and friends.

DREAM ON (author) on December 13, 2020:

Chrish Canosa There are times we have to unplug and just decompress. Then when we come back we can tackle new thoughts. I think we can avoid system breakdown by remembering we are only one person and we are not perfect. Just try your best and that will always be good enough. Take care of your body and health and it will take care of you. I have my share of problems and concerns. I know when I read your special comments they make me forget all my negative thoughts. I have been there and I love being happy instead. So I work on staying positive and bringing out the bright side. Have a sweet day.

DREAM ON (author) on December 13, 2020:

Umess Chandra Bhatt I don't think people appreciate the brain that we have because we take it for granted. It came free with our body. If we had to pay a monthly fee like our phone bill you would see how fast that would change. I love so many thoughts that we think and get to share. Thank you so much for being here and everywhere. As you can see I am playing tag. You wrote a comment 6 days ago and I am trying hard to comment. Have a beautiful Sunday.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on December 08, 2020:

Sometimes they're too much, which brings me to system break down lol

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on December 06, 2020:

Brain has immense potential. One has to simply use it.

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