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Insects Rejoice: A Poem

Veronica has poetry and short stories published in several literary journals. She holds an MA in Literature from American University.

"Earthworms!" by Yun Huang Yong

"Earthworms!" by Yun Huang Yong

Insects Rejoice

in the ground of death
insects rejoice
maggots and earthworms
wriggle and cheer
crickets rosin
unmelodious legs
while hanging trees mourn
their fallen kin
insects rejoice
your tragedies
are their nighttime reveries
a feast for mouths in shadows
you can join them down below
just snuff out your firefly light
and let the darkness in you grow


"Insects Rejoice" is a part of a series of secular poetry I wrote when I became a born-again Christian in the summer of 2016.

I've always gravitated towards "dark" writing that doesn't quite cross into Horror, and as a Christian I've become even more fascinated by the battle between light (good) and darkness (evil). The only difference is that, now, the "darkness" frustrates me rather than fascinates me. There is no hope there.

I wrote "Insects Rejoice" while frustrated with the evil of the world. The world often seems divided into those who mourn darkness and evil, and those who revel in it. Sometimes it's all too easy to let your own light be snuffed out by those around you, and the insects serve as a metaphor for this tragedy.

This poem first appears in my chapbook, At War With the Fireflies.

© 2020 Veronica McDonald

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