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Insane Jealousy: A Poem About Jealousy in Love Relationships

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They say it's part of love

Normal for it to be in a love relationship

To co-exist with love

I’ve been mistaken to think that

The greater the love, the greater the jealousy

Insane jealousy is toxic

Its venomous power is deadly

It can cast a powerful spell on one's emotions

To drive one nuts and crazy like an idiot

To poison the entire being

Insane jealousy deprives man of his natural liberty

To love

To laugh

To smile

To be who he is

It can poison the bloodstream of a healthy relationship

It is a sleeping giant monster

Hiding behind the granite mask of love

When its ugly head is awakened

Tears and pain it causes

Many waters cannot quench the burning flames of jealousy

If there is a hell on earth, it would be a boyfriend or girlfriend's insane jealousy!

The Best Way to Deal With Jealousy

Jealousy is a monster...

...and can be detrimental in relationships if not taken firmly by its ugly horn and dealt with immediately once its head surfaces. We all experience thoughts and feelings of jealousy at some time in life or we may have been victims of jealousy. So how do we deal with insane jealousy?

Let us first consider some things that can trigger jealousy:

  • Insecurity in a relationship that leads to possessive behavior.
  • Comparing yourself with your partner's ex.
  • Assuming that your partner is still in love with his or her ex.
  • You make a mistake in your relationship and you hate yourself. Your partner distances himself and is happy and hangs out with others, you get insanely jealous.
  • Constantly assessing your partner's love for you and get jealous when you assume he's better than you.
  • Going through your partner's past life, dig up his or her past, and feel jealous about his/her past relationships.
  • Feel jealous when one party cheats.

There are many other things that can cause jealousy. The reaction from the jealous party depends on the degree of jealously eating away at his/her heart. For some extreme insane jealousies, it can drive a sound mind crazy, and the person can be mentally deranged, causing physical harm.

Dealing with insane jealousy...

  • Love yourself. Never hate yourself!
  • Never compare yourself with another person, including your partner and his/her ex.
  • Boost your self-esteem.
  • Don't go to the cemetery digging up the dead (the past) because their ghosts will haunt your mind and heart, causing pain.
  • Openly communicate with your partner. Tell him/her what makes you unhappy and how you feel.
  • Gratitude...

In the negativity of jealousy, find the good or positive things about your partner and your relationship, and be grateful for them. Feel the gratitude and focus on the good things. And you'll see the situation change.

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