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Insane Exiles

There was a time I wanted to be inside of you
Living your life, giving you all of mine
A refuge for love, walking away from my past

What country did I discover
Where did I end up in my head
What shores made me smile
Which ones left me full of dread

There was a time I wanted you to be inside of me
But I held you too close, I didn’t see the sign
A fugitive from love, running away from your past

What asylum did you recover
Far away your madness lead
From the insanity of an exile
To eyes that no longer bled

There was a time I wanted to be the man I was
Living my life, true to my own mind
What can a lover do if my dreams only walk past?

What is it that love can answer
Is it strength or longing instead
Afraid of walking another aisle
Or sleeping alone in another bed?

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