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Inner Conflicts with Neither Side Winning: A Humorous Poem

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.


Conflict cannot survive without your participation.

-- Unknown

Let this little anecdote

provide an illustration

about a good antidote

to inner confrontation.

Old grandpa -- veteran of World War One

recalls again a battle at a wooded site

often using his point finger as a gun

and describing that merciless fight.

"We attack, and they retreat to the wood

then they regroup and now make us all run

but not for long, so we push hard as we could

so it went back and forth like it wouldn't be done."

Now, little grandson, all impatient, will shout:

"O.K., grandpa -- will you say how it all ends

who stays in wood dead, and who gets out

or you just decided to all be good friends!"

"Well, just when our luck seemed to turn little good

forest ranger came when a bush started to burn

and kicked our fighting asses out of his wood

warning us not to ever, ever try to return."

Now, this little story may not deserve a big clap

but if some big dilemmas are conflicting inside

play a forest ranger and just stop all the crap

while not allowing the victory to either side.

© 2022 Val Karas