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Ink of Faith

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My passion is writing and I love to highlight the social issues, My Country's legends, unique Artwork and share optimistic thoughts.


Passing across the busy street,

The burden of my sins so heavier,

That I barely forced myself to the edge of the road,

Profound regrets getting me more worrier,

Wished to be a bird who loves to fly,

Without any accountability and class difference,

Though, an emptiness of my heart made me cry,

People’s ignorant behavior stops me from being a better person,

Transgressed all laws of humanity,

Thought that the doors of forgiveness are closed forever,

Got trapped in devil’s plan and thinking I’m down,

Being ashamed after committing sins is the sign of a true believer,

Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah,

He will never reject your repentance,

Seek forgiveness with a sincere and genuine heart,

Allah only tests His man’s endurance.

Sara Shahid.

Civil Engineer.