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Initiative Of Love

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Who Should Take Initiative of Love

Who can solve this difficult period

Who should take the initiative of love?

Come to a halt,

then to another.

Who will discuss whom

And who will care for anyone?

Everything is lonely

In today's chaos.

It is more important to understand

that fights are natural

when two people are together.

anyway love is as deep as

fights are equally frequent.

Easy to love

but it is very difficult to maintain.

Love is successful only

when two people begin to understand

each other well.

Trust each other

And ignore small things.

Love that starts deepening

So keep a few things in mind.

Like we should show bad sides

We should clarify our expectations

Must know so much

If that really loves you

then it will accept

both the good and bad aspects of your personality.

And there will be no loss in love.


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