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Inheritance of the Ages


That legacy that we may leave, is not hard to perceive,

Our heirs upon this greening earth, that we all do leave.

Should it be a world of disasters, this, their only heredity,

A planet left falling down, with everything as an insanity?

They deserve the most, that best which we have to give,

Everyone born on this fine soil, each has the right to live.

Without pollution, spoiling remains, left nothing but good,

A final caption to our wills to be, they lived as they should.


Pick up the trash that's left behind, our cleaning all we can,

There's a better world that awaits us all, a brand new land.

One of precious breathes, the fresh air, all clean as it to be,

A vision afar of the most distant sights to see, one of clarity.

As each new babe greets their days, and as good as it gets,

Parental concerns to follow each one, all having no regrets.

Stewards of the earth, all as its caretakers we are every one,

With each rising at the dawn and the grand setting of the sun.


We all hold the keys to our futures, is a most simple set to be,

A new and different appreciation, of our world for us all to see.

Remove waste, all most ugly trash, for it cuts like a sharp knife,

Just one chance each one has, to make the most of every life.

Save all the waters, the rivers long, oceans wide and trees, green,

Work to keep lands pure and fresh, to help make it all so pristine.

Find new ways to supply the energy, get rid of coal and dirty oils,

Plant new trees, remove the filth, bringing nourishment to our soils.


Let the world remember for our care, our greatest generosity,

Serving as a beacon in the darkest nights, this for all to see.

Make the world a better place, so fine, one of grandest pride,

Be the best each one can, as a tribute to show we have tried..