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Influential in Her Choice

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She is the most loved of all the children of her parents who are seven in number, and

According to the recent teachings by some clerics that when one loves a child above other

Children one has given birth to, one must be careful and should not show the love to the child

Lest others become angry at the child and unhealthy rivalry started among the children as it

Happened between Jacob and Esau and the twelve children of Israel. This her parents bear in

Mind and they refrain themselves from overtly revealing the love they have for her unto her

In the presence of other siblings. She has come of age now and her parents think one of the

Best things that they can do for her is to assist her in getting a suitable partner, someone who

Will love her with all his being. They set the ball in motion and started to watch the male

Friends that she comes home with, she has come home with two guys, before she comes

Home with another guy whom she introduced as the president of the youth fellowship she

Attends. Her parents like the guy immediately and would set out to know more about the

Young man. They people they sent out to help them in getting the needful details about the

Youngman returned after some weeks and gave her parents the details of the young man.

They were impressed with the finding and were happy that the guy comes from a good family

And according to the culture of the island, one of the criteria to look at before one agrees

That one’s child be romantically involved with anyone is family background, it is not the

Wealth of the family for it is God that blesses people, and the person who has no money

Today may be the richest person in the world tomorrow, money is like bird that flies off to

Any desert and rests on any tree. But in the case of good morals, this cannot be come by

Easily, it must have been instituted in the person from his or her childhood stages, this the

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Psychologists also attests to in their numerous studies that upbringing matters for a child,

When child who is begotten by riffraff are taken to a serene place the child will take after

Those he is living with. Her parents bear this in mind and started talking to her about the guy,

Albeit secretly so that she will not think they have favored the guy. They will be asking her

Of when last she calls him or he calls him, when last they saw each other, and if it has been a

While that they have talked last, her parent would tell her to call him if he has not called and

When she wants to say she has no call credit on her phone, her parent would give her

Money to buy the call card so that she will call him. Like this the relationship between the

Young man and the guy starts growing and it was not long when some of his friends also told

Him that the lady has interests in him and if he will not mind, he can propose to her. He

Did not mind what they were saying at the initial, but after a while he discovers that what

They were saying was true and on a memorable day when they were together, for the lady has

Asked him to see her to where she will buy some clothing materials, and has asked for his

Inputs in all the clothing materials that she has bought, after they left the store, before they

Departed for their houses, he has asked her to be his lover. Joy feels her heart when he asks

Her if she can be her lover, and she will not hesitate to reply him. Now that they have

Declared their intention of love for each other, they kept her parents out of the loop, but since

That was What her parents have wanted, they have made enquires into their relationship and

Were happy for finding out that she is seeing him they know with him she will always be

Happy, that is what they wanted for her, being their most loved child, they could not have

Wished her anything better than that, for having a happy home is instrumental to one’s

Success in life.


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