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Xmith is a Nigerian student who has a great passion for writing. He hopes to become an influential poet in future. Follow for more tips.


No one wishes to die but at the same time death is inevitable. Death is a journey we must embark on one day.

How prepared are you to begin this journey?

Remember you know not the day and how your end will be.

Live right and bless other lives today for no one knows what tomorrow holds.


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As you go about your daily routines
Living and enjoying every moment
Never forget you own not your life
For one day it shall be requested
And what will be your fate on that day?

Verily that fateful day is coming
When your breath shall be taken away
And your heart shall beat no more
And your eyes shall close in permanent sleep
As you embark on the ultimate journey of no return.

What shall become of you on that very day?
When through the boot you shall enter a car and not the door
And the friends you hug shall touch you not
But sadly walk round
And stare at the neatly dressed lifeless you in a box.

What legacy and impacts shall live to represent you?
What shall the living say when your name is mentioned?
Shall your name bring back memories of a man whose ways were evil?
Or shall an upright and honest man be remembered?

Nearer draws the day you shall exist no more
And what will be your fate on that day?
Behold today is another great opportunity
Amend your ways for tomorrow may never be yours.


© 2020 Xmith Literature