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Industrial Water Pollution - Poetry

Medini is a writer with a huge passion for poetry. She has been writing poems for more than 10 years, with many of them published.

Industrial Water Pollution

Industrial Water Pollution

This poem is about Industrial Water Pollution, how it affects the villagers
and the measures that must be taken by the government and the public
alike to tackle this long-standing issue.

Water is the spirit of nurture,
The very embodiment of nature.
Powerful enough to drown you,
Pure enough to cleanse you.

And so, we might all agree.
Water is a supreme necessity.
However, what use is it,
If it is impure and unfit?

For that is what factories do,
Yes, they do generate revenue.
They provide jobs, increase the GDP,
But seize the basic necessities.

Industrial waste and effluents,
Contain hazardous chemicals.
These pollute the water bodies,
Killing the animals living in the sea.

The water is not only harmful and poisonous,
It grows and cultivates bacteria and virus.
When they enter the human body,
They greatly weaken our immunity.

That’s just what industries have done,
Put countless lives at stake, for one.
The villagers, already deprived of wealth,
Shall now begin to fear for their health.

Their main water source is underground,
Accessed through the wells around.

Now, the water has been contaminated,

All the waste and litter accumulated.

Although some flee to other lands,
Their well-being is out of their hands.
The children are less astute,
And so, either dead or destitute.

Due to these industrial effluents,
There is an increase in birth defects.
Large number of skin diseases in the region,
As well as stunted growth in their children.

Moreover, when the water enters the soil,
It ruins the farmers’ heavy toil.
For the chemicals destroy the fertility,
Greatly reducing the crops’ quality.

The food grown here, due to the pollution,
Is now unfit for human consumption.
Since they can make one gravely ill,
The demand for these crops is gradually nil.

Farming is their only source of income,
And so, to poverty they succumb.
The children are pulled out from their schools,
And sent to earn money, disregarding the rules.

There is clean water available,
But its location is hardly amiable.
It is situated as far as 5 km away,
And so the villagers walk there twice a day.

According to an assessment, a report,
By the Central Pollution Control Board,

Half the country’s rivers are now polluted,
The government policies being poorly executed.

Industrial Water Pollution

Industrial Water Pollution

In order to give this issue more focus,
The officials should come together to discuss.
They must explore the best solutions,
To tackle the widespread pollution.

Stringent restrictions are the need of the hour,
And the government alone has the power.
It can set up an expert group, a task force,
To engage with non-profits and NGOs.

They can set up affiliations,
With public health organisations.
The ideas of environmental activists,
Should also be considered and not dismissed.

Factories should be strictly monitored,
And severe penalties should be administered.
Moreover, the labourers must be educated,
And should be trained to keep the waste regulated.

However, the only long term solution to this problem,
Is to set up an efficient waste disposal system.
The waste should be recycled as much as possible,
Technology should be developed to make this optimal.

The government should invest in technology,
For science is the answer to this difficulty.
Research in the industrial chemicals,
Can help combat their harmful effects.

A large amount of government revenue,
Should be directed towards this issue.

Investing in the students of the nation,
Is a crucial step towards tackling pollution.

Moreover, people’s involvement is critical,
The support towards the policies is essential.
The public must learn to be more responsible,
And they should hold each other accountable.

On August 31, 2016,
Prime Minister Modi Ji,
Addressed this issue for all to know,
On Mann Ki Baat, his radio show.

This is certainly a positive development,
For it shows the government’s acknowledgement.
This is not enough, however,
For the villagers continue to suffer.

The nation must come together,
To eradicate pollution forever.

-Medini Rajan

© 2020 Medini Rajan

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