Independence Rhymes

Updated on October 26, 2017

Independence Day


In 1996, an enormous spaceship.
An enormous alien mothership.
That has one fourth the mass of the moon.
Scheduling to attack earth soon.
These enormous ships are positioning.
Over military basis and major cities.
Sattelite technicians try to find.
The reason these ships are aligned.
DAVID LEVINSON decodes a signal.
He finds a timer that's clicking for it to blow.
A coordinated attack, the aliens were planning.
The timer he found was surely clicking.
It's only July 2nd.
But America has gotten the message.
It was Panic in the white house.
David went to warn them about.
What is coming in just two days?
With hopes that he would save.
Save lives in the major cities.
But the ships start activating.
Devastating energy weapons.
& they barely escape its devastation.
The next day, there were counterattacks.
& the ships launched their own attack back.
Like the ship, they too had shields.
Like the ship, they also killed.
They killed many human beings.
but a brave Pilot named STEVE.
Steve Hiller. Who sacrificed his plane.
Subdued the aliens fallen plane.
Then flagged down some refugees.
RUSSEL CASE helped him in transporting.
Being transported to area 51.
Where he finds that there are more than just 1.
Steve Hiller also meets David.
Along with the plans of the aliens.
They strategize and attack.
On the fourth their ready to attack.
David demonstrates the key to defeat.
He and Steve both agree.
To take a trip outta space
In an attempt to deactivate.
Their force that shields and they did.
There was then fireworks for the kids.

Jeff Goldblum
David Levinson
Will Smith
Steve Hiller
Bill Pullman
President Thomas
Randy Quaid
Russel Case

Independence day:Reassurance


Twenty years after the devastation.
A defense program by the United Nations.
Earth Space Defense or ESD.
To find alien technology.
After united states restored back everything.
but the defense warns them of what's coming.
It's a twentieth-anniversary invasion.
Levinson was in the first 20 years ago.
He tracked a survivor that signaled.
Signaled their home before their defeat.
Revealing that the U.S is somehow linked.
Meanwhile, A ship emerges.
but the ESD destroyed it.
Levinson ordered to leave it.
Which was followed by only two pilots?
Go to the wreckage to recover.
A very large container.
Sending a signal to its alien mother.
Mothership. It suddenly appears.
Destroying defenses so more ships come near.
Then land over the Atlantic Ocean.
Starting to drill toward the earth's molten.
Molten core. They make a daring escape.
They begin to interrogate.
Interrogate one of the captive aliens.
They learn of the upcoming invasion.
Like they did twenty years ago.
Killing the queen ends the show.
So they stage a counterattack.
but end up caught in a trap.
The survivors navigate alien fighters.
To pursue the queens'' personal flyer.
That happens to be headed to area 51.
They then end the aliens fun.

Liam Hemsworth
Jake Morrison
Travis Tope
Charlie Miller
Jessie Usher
Dylan Hiller
Bill Tullman
Thomas Whitmore
Jeff Goldblum
David Levinson

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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