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Inching Forward & Inched Away

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Thought that last year's madness was true test; until now

Newer year threw on a different coat of painted problems

Haven't had the best run when it came to health and happiness

Not very happy that the health part was on shaky ground

Unhappy that best laid or preordained plans fell apart

Disintegrated before reaching the finish line at the latest race

Felt almost a disgrace to the gender norms and unwritten rules

Of what a woman should be and how to respond to it all

Recently found a slight silver lining in a very dark medical cloud

Thought that even a sliver of some good news a foreign concept

Been batted around too much by games and manipulations

Lies told and brandished around like a childish board game

A juvenile version of Iggy Pop's early extreme stage antics

Less weaponry thrown about due to morality clauses and such

Tired and bedraggled after a long battle with a private indoor war

Pondered why plans and connections never managed to last

Unravelling before anything lasting managed to come about

Embarrassed to be at an age where being out of sorts

Meant that you've not fully embraced adulthood

Unrealistic assumption that everyone had their ducks lined up

Some managed to hide it better than others

A walking contradiction in sentiment

Longing for a stronger connection and also recoiled by idea

Hands scarred by the idea of touching invisible dynamite

Someone so explosively corrosive that they'll damage you

With the slightest hint of a small amount of contact

No longer trusting of guys with a bad boy veneer

Multiple tattoos caused nausea and disturbing visuals

Of what they would look like decades down the road

Uninterested in frivolous pursuits that should stay in the past

Too old for 98 percent of cartoons currently on the air

Flat sitcom jokes and stereotypes that hold no humorous punch

Not even a tickle to the funny bone to be had

Sticking with tried and true methods for laughter

Even though seen those reruns way too many times to count

They simply work and caused some authentic moments of joy

All needed for time being.

An icon who pushed envelope that many people should avoid pushing.

An icon who pushed envelope that many people should avoid pushing.

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