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Incendiary Device

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Been going on a long and arduous journey

One filled with introspection and perspective

Looking to understand past missteps

to avoid repeating them over and over again

No longer filled up with earth shattering rage

That could knock down walls and cause major chaos

Ready for a new life game to commence

Realized that certain detours meant to happen

A rather twisted twist of fate come to think of it

An oddly cynical universe shaking up the pattern

Uncertain as to who's design for this to happen

Went along with it due to not having much of a choice

Accepted the last few turnabouts as just that

No use rehashing through the stale bird eaten bread outside

Exposed to elements and Mother Nature's raining rages

Rather resigned to the latest curveball and what came with it

Once anxiety was dialed back several notches

Started off the week on a rather edgy tone

Full of jagged points that could cut upon contact

Afraid to be touched and angered when no one does so

The ultimate contradiction at the end of the day

Longing for connection and no clue how to find it

Made past attempts to administer to others

Listening to Leonard Cohen songs on repeat

Thinking that "Everybody Knows" was a mantra

For those been defeated by others and circumstance

Made the decisions to use these formerly cruel lessons

To an advantage on what to watch for next time

Hard to understand why some can't trust others

After being torn apart one too many times

Experience tended to reform the heart into a different organ

Consisting of calloused laden corners and stitched together

Repaired by either a skillful surgeon or a backroom MD

Depending on which one was working in the end

Found it rather humorous of what remained when dust settled

A sense of detachment stayed behind

After the heartache turned to ashes and the love withered away

Simply went beyond the emotions of the past

Tried to make an effort to care about the memories

To no avail in reality; just a mirage of feigning interest

Ended the week with the fire having burnt out

Making nice and brief replies to the occasional text message

No longer cared about their best laid, or pie in the sky, plans

Feigned support when realizing that nothing will happen

Interest vanished into the ether along with the fires of yesteryear

Done with pretending about stuff that held no interest

Ready to start a new chapter and close the old one for good.

No longer interested in an open door policy.

No longer interested in an open door policy.

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