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Inamorato: A Poem of an Unforgotten Love

Denise is a communication student, a poet and a book lover. She enjoys watching documentaries and film.

Before Anything Else

The word "inamorato" refers to a person's male lover and it's counterpart, "inamorata" is used to refer to a person's female lover. The use of the word was popular on the late 16th century. The word came from an Italian word innamorato, which literally means 'enamoured' or be filled with a feeling of love for, that is also based on the Latin word amor or love.



October 31, 2020 - Saturday

The sky is blue and calm,

And the waves sway with the hymn of silence

She witnessed how the oceans and the heavens met

And like magic, memories of the past played like a movie

The first gaze that started everything,

And the same gaze that ended it

The first hello and the last goodbye

The warm hands that holds and calms her

His eyes that glitter and glow as if a star in the night sky

The beautiful smile that brightens her day

His laugh that echoes happiness in her ears

And the songs that like chants of heart's desire

How could she easily forget when she filled her life with his memories

He was a ray of light, a hope and her great love

Someone she is and will unable to oust from her soul

For he was an inamorato she had hoped and prayed will stay forever

No amount of tears shed would ever be enough to fill a hole so deep

Unparalleled misery, unforgettable dream of yesterday

A curse of reminiscence that she wished to abandon

And a love she wished to fade away

A note from the writer

Sometimes, there are things we cannot bear to speak about with our closest friends and family. We can't muster courage to share it even though we want someone to hear our heart's cry. Because it is hard to utter a word to anyone, we express it in ways that as if we are conversing with someone, maybe ourselves, the inner person in us. Singing, dancing, writing, poetry or whatever way it works for you, it does really help us empty our stacked hearts and minds - from sad thoughts, worries, and overwhelming feelings.

That is why, I am thankful that there is a platform like this that not just allows me to showcase my passion for writing and poetry, but also allow me to express my deepest thoughts. I have been in HubPages for quite some time now and whenever I want to look back at my past self, I just scan through my old articles and old poems and recall memories or past version of me. Some of those reminds me of how naive I was, some will recall my childish self, some reminds me of old stories I used to like and some reminds me of people that has become part of my life.

There's so much things that HubPages had allowed me to do and remember, but for a while, I was unable to write something like this poem. I was devastated and extremely sad that I can no longer able to express it with anything, including writing. It took me some time to realize things that must be done and let go of feelings that burdened my soul. And here I am now, able to gather some courage to write again and express the deepest of my thoughts.

I decided to let my thoughts flow into river of words and create the poem "Inamorato," to both express and inspire myself to change for the better, to reform my way of life and to let my heart feel what it wants to feel. I am slowly freeing myself from the version of me that is toxic and suffocating. It might take some time, but what matters for me now is that I am in the process. Hurrying things wouldn't do me any good and so I am taking my time.

I hope that you, who might be in the same dilemma would take the step to change. Don't rush. Take time and enjoy the journey. We will be there. We will reach our goal for change.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope that you have immersed with the songs of love and pain that Inamorato has spoken.

© 2020 Dens Yang

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