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Flames Also Reverb

Today's poem talks about Resurrection. The poets remembers his mothe emphasis on the things that matters.


Mother, I want this red redemption.

I want this fire that refines without burning.

Mother, I want this soothing flame.

Cold yet thrilling, even burning and tingling to the very bones.

As I play this evening chord, it is the promised land, I wish to go.

In steadfast red flow and fiery glaze.

Mother, discover me for this flame you bequeathed on me.

This yellow fire that ignites the dying candles.



Flames also reverb


Mother, as the January breeze blight my brows,

Tell the harmattan heat that I would not die before I marshal it.

Let it reverberations know that as a fire, I am a fiercer flame.

And till I beget that fire you once kindled. I would not be a man.

© 2020 Akinkunmi Testimony

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