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Light and Heat from the sun
in just the perfect amount
measured right down to the
along with water from the skies
and moisture from the earth
is needed for the proper growth
and ripening of all trees and fruit;

The night that covers the day
and the stars that hang like
little candles therein
when I think about how they are
suspended with invisible pillars
I cannot help but be bewildered

When I ponder upon the creation
of the mountains and the rivers
the black holes and quasars
birds, asteroids and how they fly,
every atom that surrounds me
starts to dance, filling me with shivers

There is a reason, a purpose for all
that I witness in this grand Creation

Where was I going with this?
Oh ..yes!
In Balance, all things grow
with the right amount of blessing
and the right amount of suffering
a tree must die in the winter
to give fruit in the summer

A man must suffer first
before he starts to grow
in the Divine Light and Heat
only when he dives deep
into suffering, then and only then
is he able to concoct his antidotes

We must become our own spiritual healers
and find the medicine and mental condition
which no doctor or psychologist can ever prescribe or diagnose because they themselves
do not know of the existence of this type of
healing, this feeling of being
In Balance

Light and heat from the sun
as well as the death of winter
In Balance
is needed to grow trees
Light and Heat from the King
as well as pain and suffering
In Balance
is needed to grow the Spirit

© 2019 Mo Durrani

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