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In the Midst Of

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Yes....I am an escapist....finding refuge in things such as these....escaping reality to find solace amidst imaginations....


In the midst of a noisy clatter of jumbled footsteps

And a bedlam of muddled conversations;

In the midst of honks and blare of the intimidating civilization

And the distant cawing of primeval feathery denizens;

In the midst of hackneyed observations of their expanding world

And the shrinking thoughtful memories of mine......

My feet made their way through,

Treading on the crumbled path of swirling dusts and fallen leaves.

Eyes - eyes glaring at their rhythmic motion

Of pacing taps: once left , once right

Followed by an odd sudden pause,

Tempting these amused spheres to tear their gaze,

Fixing them on a familiar silhouette....

The one which these eyes are always in search of.

In the midst of inaudible whispers

And deep murmurs of settled silence;

In the midst of feeble melodies of the blushing breeze

And the swift ticking of ceased time;

In the midst of her long awaited presence

And the absence of a single word.....

These eyes meet the ones she bears....

Only for few moments before stating a goodbye...

Hers....turning to the right

While the left....embraced by mine....

Then, a sudden rush of thoughts, of regret

And of a yearning to turn back and utter

the most naive of words and even the shortest of sentences....

Alas! By then, time has already played its tricks,

Stealing away the chances of some more of those promising glances,

Locking away the desires

To listen to that soothing voice,

To get lost in in those captivating eyes,

To smile and laugh at those little innocent quirks,

To - To find peace in her peaceful presence again....

But moments have already passed

And time - it slowly goes away,

Gets going and is finally gone....

And above all - takes everything away....

What happens then ....?

Then, in the midst of reviving noises and dying silence;

In the midst of choking commotion

And the warmth of unfamiliar bodies;

In the midst of screeching cries of the bells

And the clattering of jumbled footsteps....

Drenched with livening drops of hope...

My feet....walk on.....

When silence lays its veil...

© 2019 Adnan