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In the Twinkle of the Eye...

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Narration is my strength. I like to compose poems in a lengthy, free form style enclosing my thoughts, feelings, experience and life events.

Gray Owl Showing Orange Left Eye

Gray Owl Showing Orange Left Eye

"Great things happens to those who expect them always and once settled in the mind, it happens in the twinkle of the eye"

In the twinkle of the eye,

you will reach your goal,

if you keep it in vision and faint not,

it is nearer than you ever think.

The victory path is not laid with roses,

and is never for the faint-hearted,

the paths are narrow and a few travel it,

but the losing paths are wide and many meet it.

In the twinkle of the eye,

you will see the glory,

if you believe so,

and keep trusting.

Take caution in your words and tone,

as your tongue is a slithery creature,

well capable of leading you astray,

in a blink of the eye.

In a twinkle of the eye,

Destinies change, moods change,

people change, and scales changes,

If lady luck is on your side,

all change.

Keep affirming, keep decreeing,

Keep hoping, keep waiting,

There is power in patience,

and treasure in persistence.

In a twinkle of the eye,

comes truth and power,

bringing along with it the ups and downs,

Keep striving, Keep going,

you never know how it may lead you to the oasis.

It's easy to preach,

but difficult to follow,

but if you want a change,

you have to swallow.

In the twinkle of the eye,

unfolds the veil,

as you imagined,

if only you persist in your visualizations,

and decree it day and night.

Say not ye that there is time,

for the harvest,

open up your eyes and look to the meadows,

for they are ripe and ready to be plucked.

© 2020 Danny

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