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In the Twilight Zone...

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Watching the sunrise and sunset has become a ritual for me. I follow it religiously as it gives me serenity and clarity. Praise the creator.

“Twilight is a time to reflect on the happenings of the day and to expect the good dawnings of life"

Its twilight,

time to reminiscence,

your duties done at day,

remember, night has arrived,

to keep the worries at bay.

I am at awe,

looking at the sky,

the wonders created,

by the diffusion of light.

I look at the twilight sky,

and feel it as a puzzle,

of knowing, unknowing

but still sensing.

Twilight looks like a trap,

between day and night,

but the day is always in sight,

for the person who feels right.

The period looks awful,

as night arrives,

but its all an illusion,

for your heart and mind.

The twilight maze,

confounds your gaze,

remember, its all a haze,

that will pass by phase.

You enter, you exit,

in a matter of splits,

this is the beauty of twilight,

to provide insights.

Remember the twilight saga,

and feel like a part of it,

since its at twilight,

comes the rush of dreams

The day leaves, Night arrives,

to unravel the 'Eureka' of your life,

Ideas come, revelations go,

In the closet of your store(heart).

© 2020 Danny

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