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In the Small Town of Ruiru

Maybe I was not gifted, but why love writing? Imagine staring at a whole town just from your balcony? Maybe you should see. Enjoy!

Chama choma

Chama choma

Yes it was long

And it was so strong

They said it was dangerous

That is was killing their cows and sheep

It was installed in the early 1990s

When they were still not civilized

But it served their people

And they served it

It was a gift they didn't know they had

In the small city of Ruiru

They needed a roof

And they were privileged

Can't stop thinking about their prowess for business

But did they really need it

Maybe yes maybe no

But why utelize it and you didn't like it?

You ought to build it a bit more faster

So that offices can stand there and serve its people

They were told to leave it, but they can't

Maybe I will be there when they think about it

In the small town of Ruiru

© 2022 Ian Muiruri