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In the Shadow of Time

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I compose insightful poems that value and depict human emotions and experiences.

In The Lap Of Time

In The Lap Of Time

As I look deep down within me,

and reminiscence the bygone characters in my life,

I look for that special spark which graced the period,

And I feel contended to have a company,

To spur me forward in my journey through life.

The colorful streets and the stoic walls,

Narrate stories of grit and gumption,

Of the steely resolves of men going about doing their mundane chores,

Welcoming each day by its horn.

The echoes and the sirens, the loud bangs and wailing children,

All ricochet in my consciousness as I pass by,

Wondering about the existential drudgery of humans,

Scraping by the harsh realities of life.

Oh mighty time, I consider you the healer,

Of all inner wounds and painful traumas,

Show unto us the truths and secrets,

to be always aware of the NOW.

Time does its duty well and with constancy,

knowing well enough of its depleting reserves,

and its helplessness to stop the tick of the clock,

but contended inwards to grace new beginnings.

© 2020 Danny

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