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In the Shade of A Flourishing Tree - A Poem dedicated to my Mother

Nikki Khan loves to weave words into sentences and those become stories. Fiction is her favourite genre which she always adores to explore.

What a beauty lies here!

A cool shade tree to give comfort | Source

A cool shade tree to give comfort | Source

A poem dedicated to my mother on this Mother’s Day

She lost many before I came,

I chained her in hospital for long nine months.

Though she prayed for a son but found me,

She never complained and hugged me with a Smile.

I was her son, she always said,

My parents brought me up like a fairytale Princess.

Everything was in front even before asked,

I used to call my daddy a magician.

Mum loved me so much, was my best teacher in my childhood,

Became my best friend when I grew up.

She struggled a lot to bring me all,

Wealth; Education And some good time trolls.

One day I wished for a far off land,

She smiled and said ‘yes’ to see me smile.

I chuckled with joy when I came to London,

Couldn’t feel her pain when I left her alone.

My Mum

Love of my life!

Love of my life!

She encouraged and gave me hope all the time,

Never told me her woe and sorrow.

And a day came when I got married,

Her face was gleaming with joy at the venture.

What a symbol of love! What a symbol of love!

She prayed for me day and night,

I realised so late how she survived.

It filled my heart with aches and pains,

I kept her more happy but time kept flying.

My mum was my everything,

I used to sit in her cool shade of affection.

Her breeze of endless love,

Covered me with comfort and joy whenever I felt low.

I never encountered any fear,

With power of her love and soul.

She faced all the challenges,

To give me new life, to make my future bright.

She continued her fight with death for many years,

But all went in vain and this deadly beast won.

Then she left me alone one day to grieve,

Life is such a cruel thing, it doesn’t spare none.

Happy Mother’s Day to my dearest Friend!

A bunch of Roses for a Rose, my Mum | Source

A bunch of Roses for a Rose, my Mum | Source

I know, You have become a twinkle star,

To shine more brighter, to give me more glow.

To bless me more,

I can feel the dazzle of your eternal light.

I feel your presence with me,

Your soul has centred around my house now.

Never to leave me alone,

Not to be departed ever.

Happy Mother’s Day my life,

I love you so much and adore you a lot.

Keep smiling and praying,

For your little Princess who gets all even before asked.

Mother’s love!

© 2018 Nikki Khan

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