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In the Abyss

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I tucked myself to sleep last night

As I hugged my soft pillows, oh so tight!

Wondering what my dreams would be?

As I take another tour to the world of fantasy.

Will it be horror, thriller, action, comedy or romance?

Will it make me laugh or make me fall in love for an instance?

Will the theme scares me or let my blood rush?

Or will it be all silence like someone says hush?

The night sky is oh so still

As my eyes drop on its own will.

In split seconds, I'm in the land of dreams...

In a world that seems to be true on its realms.

The darkness was gone in an instant.

The scene of peace was constant.

I don't want to leave this place.

I want to forever feel this grace.

With a wave of a wand I'm surrounded with chocolates,

A land full of candies, sweets and fate.

Where two hearts beat, both ends shall meet...

Under the lamp post of a one way street.

We'll climb the clouds and jump to the sea.

Swim with the mermaids, how lovely would that be?

Fly the spaceship up to the moon and the stars.

Travel around the planet, racing with cars.

I suddenly fell and landed on my bed,

Awaken with a pain felt on my head.

I overslept, that' s what they said.

Time to wake up and get out of bed.

© 2019 Janis

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