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In person

A University student with a passion for poetry and expressing inner thoughts and stories that may be fictional sometimes

In person

She’s sitting at her usual spot in her favorite café,

She’s a creature of habit and she feels comfortable,

Coffee helps her think outside the box, it’s like a gateway,

She catches the eye of a young man looking at her, she can’t help but feel vulnerable,

Part of her wants him to stop staring, but she finds herself blushing,

He’s young, handsome and has green eyes,

He finally smiles, she produces half a smile back and feels something inside her chest gushing,

She wants him to come over and sit next to her, she wants him to treat her like a prize.

But he looks back at his phone and starts scrolling,

Her mind is torn between the thought of what will happen and what might,

She looks down at her paper and continues drawing,

She wonders if he was just shy or maybe because this was reality and he couldn’t swipe right.

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