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In Mom's Belly

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


In mom's belly
My mom blamed. While I was in her womb
And I blamed. For the length of the line she was standing in
Queue Al Falah Market
Do not they say that the feelings are transmitted to the fetus
Why and we lived today became like crazy
Queues in front of the barracks and the hospital testifies
Queues in the post and mail centers only bills arrive from him
My mom blamed her when I kicked her
And a loud cry shrieked at the eleventh hour
Then I screamed and cried as a new baby
And I still cry like a new old
On a day that is repeated every year
We celebrate it as we celebrate shoes on the day of Eid
When we were young, we used to buy shoes on Eid
And when we grew up we no longer bought shoes
And where will we buy it from?
From the remnants of clothing
Or from shops tired of the currency
Parallel, restructuring and reformatting
And the new home
Uv. For a while I haven't run
And I was walking in a poor neighborhood
So I heard her say to her son, Hurry up, hurry up
So I remembered my mom getting tired when she kicked her while she was not working
So how tired a mother her son kicks her while she is working
Why is it because the ruler deluded her that she was paid
What is a salary, what is a worker, and what is my country in an institution
Rather, it is a mixture of disguised unemployment and critical publications
It is balanced by our purchase of Russian weapons and some oils
You will never understand the monetary value
How and you celebrate each year with a comic document
We study it and enroll in public universities
It was reached by someone who had exhausted himself in cutting stupid decisions
A failed group that called itself a government tactic for them
Governmental universities you reach endure all failures
Of course it is the node of us. Have the inverted knot
When the lopsided succeeds from the scraps of paper
Did you not see him today as a professor at the university?
He looks at the girl. And it gives it a point
She joins the other, educating generations
A cheater ... and a dimple. They conspire against you, oh homeland
And the crowd agrees to fail with a celebration
Women carried flags against male racism
His control over the world and longings
And when they opened the doors for her, she occupied schools
She killed everyone except the guard and the black cat
Where is the equality, my lady?
I am the writer, yes, I am complicated
I am a reactionary, I am an introvert
So where are the women's salaries when women said
In secret and in public, I will not work again
Where are the promises not to mention? Do you not have a footnote to benefit you?
Mr. President
Or is it the past white paper
Which says that my wife works and she does not work
Forbidden for you the misery of my mother and the misery of many mothers
In my mother's belly I dream of how the homeland is
What color schools how is the market
I got out of my mother's belly and wrote
How I hate your buildings or the decision. Who taught you how to build?
And how much I hate you when you say that I broke the law
Where is the law, you idiot
Do you not see that the homeland is lost and the issue is time?
Do not you see that faith prays dawn in Britain?
And the era is in America, and no evil will come to visit us
How much of my life has been lost in love for the homeland
And how much I believed in patriotism Hahaha Paganism
Our bodies go parallel with ghosts
Like any indifferent bastard or just a scent
Thousands of bombs exploded for him and tough blood
Vine Change in Boston suburban Massachusetts
Where to make heroes heroes of rough justice
Not like our poor heroes, heroes of chaos
They imprisoned me, because I am not afraid of prisons
I am not afraid of falsehood if I die
I, God willing, an offering
Honesty when you find my country
Greet her. And peace be honest

© 2021 tabouche amin

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