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In Loving Memory of the Idea of Iceland and You

Hitting deadends and roadblocks. Loves the piano, but less than writing.


The ridge supports my feet,
Comforts my legs, which no longer finds rhythm to the racing heart’s beat.
I stand in front of the dream that was spoken of,
Straight out of your head into mine.

Callous but discrete and dreamy were the details,
From water to skies to the lands green.

I took that romanticism has ceased your soul and mind alike, and got your guards unrailing, Just as synchronized as a forced couplet.

You opened up as warmly as your dream place did to me, I could bet a million on you either pulling some strings or going on a spree to get something of that unreal nature done, immaculately.
Like the time where a river was measured breadth to breadth and a hill was scaled,
To conjure a few words by that sorcerer living up in the Northern Indian Hills: the Pied Piper of his green kingdom of fauna.
The chill breaks my trance and makes me descent,
Down to the base where I would sit and commence my long wait for the heavenly aurora.
The night has turned in, the heat is disappearing twice as fast as the hope of catching a glimpse of wildlife or the lights.
I am in the middle of nowhere,
Not a creature in miles,
Remind me what am I doing here?

I am livid with my senses that didn’t get the better of me.

Sitting here in this cold, dead land,
Sieving dry sticks even that of which is an unfathomable rarity, when I could be perfectly comfortable in my warm abode, reading in the company of some tea!
But just then, out of nowhere,

I look up …

I swear, in that moment, somehow I was physically not on Earth.
They had come, in all purple and green and blue.
In lieu of darkness, in lieu of emptiness , a wild dance of colors, in the middle of nowhere and for no one but me!
Surely, just for me!
Yes, I’ve unwrapped your gift,
They’re all just like you,
They take effort, may make you nauseous and make you run away,
But when you work hard enough to understand them,
You reward yourself with the treasure of happiness that lies within you.
And I will continue to look for your gifts, for as long as I can understand them.

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© 2019 Sujata Sharma

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