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talk measure

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


I quit my job and some of my dreams
I left the prestige and half the money
Stupid transit visa (colleague)
I gave up everything for what?
To write the two letters without two lines
We are a people who do not wear a military uniform
And no empty pistol on the side
We honor our elders and have mercy on our young ones
And glory, we never stood at a checkpoint
It targets the poor or needy
Go walk for a hard day
I forgave you, and now you're gone
Not to erase the details of your face
You despicable, how did you become a guard?
In a city where it has become dangerous
A dilapidated city with bleak walls
Only and the rest all fell as a prisoner
Despair what do you think today (Emma)
Isn't it really strange?
And today we are children of cracks in minds
Full man physique
Inspirational character and cultural natures
And it's all local industry
He and the matchbox when we made it
The first lute burns your finger
The second pops and flies his head
The third turns off quickly
The fourth is broken and you are broken
The fifth ignites and the can falls
The diaspora of matches and people
You collect it.. and take the car documents
And stamp it as a national violation
You will remember her on an obsessive day
On the outskirts of a cafe and you are alone
Screaming in your mind sounds
And you quarrel between an old man and a colleague
In a city where it is difficult to measure
And talk....measure

© 2021 tabouche amin

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