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Like A Handsome Butterfly

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I am an Author, Artist, Model & Jewelry Designer. Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother! I selling products online and enjoy cooking.


You came into my life like a handsome butterfly.

I held you there and loved you ever so lovingly

You were my everything.

My breathe, my life, you were my everything.

I was not perfect but neither were you and I didn’t care.

Because in my heart you were my everything.

I thought you were everything that I wanted or needed.

So handsome and dashing that my heart felt you were perfect for me.

Then One day it all came tumbling down. The love, the hope all of it.

My heart was broken I could not bear the pain nor the despair.

Hoping that it was just a horrible dream, but sadly it was not.

The heartache was unbearable, hoping it was only a temporary detour.

Sometime to heal, then start over again. But I see it will be a permanent thing.

I will always love you and treasure the precious memories

Of a time and life where you were my world, my life, my everything.

© 2020 Judy

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