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In the Wilderness (While the World Waits)

The world, empty-hearted, did not know
For a moment, Kings bowed but soon parted
The journey for my mother, beloved of the poor
Silent knowing, the tomb awaiting for her to suffer

I would learn from man as I prayed
I cannot speak if I do not know the land
There is no featherness in my touch
Without the knowledge of living with a sinner

A drop of dew living in the shadow of a leaf
It was the way, not for the many but for the few
Shadowing humanity, deserts and the far east
Parables and dusty feet, testing a demigod’s sanity

It wouldn’t be easy, for neither was Cain
I must suffer so every man will remember me
For in the pain of another, we feel ourselves
But only as long as dew travels along a leaf’s vein

Would so art thou be my savior
For as the wilderness beckons, so to you I vow
But did I fly into the white silk spun womb?
Were my wings removed and so to the light?

Soon I would return, ready for my might
Softly I will speak, but would they ever learn
As a woman forgets the pain of childbirth
Will a new birth they choose or reject?

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