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In The Mist Of It All


I Slouch Back

Thinking the same thought for hours now

Has my mind changed ?


Should it change ?


How do I make the change ?

Think of something different


Thinking the same thing even longer

So that I will understand the thought in a different light

More thoughts will follow

That lead me from this hollow

I am confident I will see another opening

Another place to follow

I have to have patience

Let my brain go for a nap

Give my brain permission to relax

Kick back

Take a break

Everything is under control here

Nothing to worry about

On auto pilot

When my brain rests

I do my best thinking

Then when my brain wakes up again

I introduce a new thought to expand and develop

The thoughts have to come first from the inside

But not the brain

From the heart

That is a great start

We all have to begin somewhere

I think in the center of life is the heart

I am calm

I am wide awake with eyes wide open sometimes

Other times my eyes remain closed

I welcome my cat next to me

For animals give me great joy

They live for life

Especially my cat charlotte

The weather is changing outside my window

The night will appear

I am waiting for it

It is coming soon

My body sits still

The clouds I see are so massive and distant

I watch them change right before my very eyes

What expectations do I anticipate

For it is not the past that is so

If I did not look would they not change

If I did not know would they not go

What if I thought the sky would turn bright

Could it happen even at night

If I wanted to see rainbows from end to end

Do we live with a false sense of security ?

While the world is turning

A vision I wanted and didn't expect

Comes to me

At 5:12

I look and found the exact moment dark has found night


DREAM ON (author) on December 10, 2017:

Kari Poulsen So many things happen that our brain is processing but may not totally understand. It jumps to conclusions based on all our previous experiences. The love from our heart comes from a different source.(God)(Supreme Being)(Universal Power) called by many names but communicates and guides us to help so we all can live an amazing life. As people we have to find the right combination of heart/brain. Thank you for reading and sharing.

Kari Poulsen from Ohio on December 09, 2017:

You may be right, the center of life may be the heart. It is in the heart that we feel things, not in the brain. :)

DREAM ON (author) on December 08, 2017:

Gypsy Rose Lee Home is an amazing place where we all find are little spot of heaven. Safe and lovely. Thank you so much for reading and loving what makes life so precious and incredible. Have a great night.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on December 08, 2017:

I am glad my house is a haven for me these days. I live with my Sid and as long as I see he is happy and content we are safe and well hidden from the world.

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