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Smack In The Middle Of Our Life

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What Is It That Makes Us Special ?

We were born many years ago

Living day by day

We have grown in so many ways

How easy is it ?

That our one and only life

Can easily slip away

The good times are stacked high

The bad times we also seem never to forget

How many times do we just survive?

Living our life as if we were no different than anyone else

Following the same routine

Eat,drink and be merry

Sleeping our lives away

Working by day

Sometimes into the night

As each second clicks

Our bodies and our minds ever so slowly decay

What once was

Now is only a thought of the past

Hopefully we have left our mark

Helping other people see their true potential

As we discover our own

The world is so vast and distant

We are only a scratch on the sands of time

The universe is beyond our comprehension

Even though we keep learning and discovering

If only the people in the world could only understand

How much we need each other

Our life is meant to be one extension of another

So that we may carry on

Live and make new dreams

That help celebrate all our extraordinary love

So nothing is in vane

To watch our childrens children find peace

As each new generation breaks new ground like the one before

We must learn from our past

Leading the way

Remembering we were once all strangers

Now we have become friends and family

To give us this great honor

To live our life like no other

This is how I want to celebrate my birthday

Seeing life not as it is

But how it could be

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