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In The Grip of Enchantment

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Dark mountains in the distance call to me as the sun sets orange on the horizon.
A river flows from the mountain onto the azure coast before me.
I float on the sea and feel a familiarity as twilight clouds pass by.
There is a certain calm in the air that I surrender to.

The salty sea air is pleasantly cool and there is a slight breeze.
I lay back and allow my mind to wander unimpeded as I begin to dream.
Sitting upright Indian style in my dream I am meditating.
I see visions of colors, angels, spirit animals, guides.

Soon all the wisdom of the universe is displayed before me as a great library. There are grand bookcases. There is a fireplace. I am inside a grand medieval castle with row upon row of books and great volumes. Among other things in this great library of knowledge are learning tools such as world globes, atlases, maps, star charts, all kinds of artistic curiosities. Everything to do to filling one’s mind with knowledge. I’m in a land of enchantment and it’s a tranquil place.

Hearing a subtle whistle of wind blow through the stained glass windows I listen intently for a lesson to be gleaned as it slowly fades in the distance. I find a book to read. I easily slide into an easy chair in front of the roaring fire and lose myself to fiction and fantasy hoping to remain forever it’s captive.

© 2021 Laurie S Novak

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