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In The Good Old Days (A Poem About Reminiscing)

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John is a freelance writer, ghost-writer, storyteller, and poet. He always tries to include a message or social commentary in his writing


Life goes so quickly and everything changes so fast. Before we know it, we are middle aged, then even quicker elderly. You look back on your life, and some things seemed like they occurred only yesterday. "What happened to the good old days?" you ask.


In The Good Old Days

"In the good old days,"

The old man said,

"Oh, I remember it well.

Life moved slow

This I know,

And women spoiled their men.

Kids wandered and played

Farther away,

Without any dangers considered.

Discipline was a smack,

Kid's didn't talk back.

They respected their elders back then.

Overseas wars were fought,

But scarce raised a thought.

The world seemed much bigger back then.

Distractions were few,

TV was new.

Families spent more time together.

There were no computers,

Fewer commuters.

More people worked on the land.

"Fast food" not a term yet,

Except on a jet,

And very few people obese.

We all played a sport,

On a field or a court.

We didn't need hours in the gym.

Teens went to the drive-in

In trunks smuggled in.

Some watched the movie, more smooched.

Those were the years,"

He held back the tears,

"Oh, I wish I was your age again."


Questions & Answers

Question: Can you do a poem called “now days”?

Answer: Yes, I could. I have written a lot of poems about the current times but none with that title.

© 2014 John Hansen