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In the Garden of Gethsemane Tear Drops

Do You Ever Take A Walk Into Hard Times, And Feel Your Deep In Quick Sand? Christ Is With You. "The Trinity Walk" It Is A Blessed Walk.~



Jesus Closed

His Eyes

And Inhaled

Many Deep

Panic Breath's.

He Could Not

Break The Chain

Of A Painful Death

He Was To Experience.

He Cried And Ask

"My Father Why Must

This Be? Why Must I

Feel Men's Hatred

Toward Me.?"

Christ Closed His Eyes

And Each Tear Drop

That Rolled Down His

Holy Face.

Represented, In Which

Christ Felt Each Man's

Deep Pain.

He Cried Out And In

Each Word,

That He Spoke.

Felt Alike The Deep

Blistering Pain Of

Nails Into His Soul.

Representing Each

And Every Human's

Tear Drop

That They Will Cry In

There Life Time.

Christ Looked Up

To The Heavens

And Said,

"If I AM To Free

Them From There


I Must Bring

Each Person Into

Pure Union.


Into The Beautiful

Communion Of

My Father's Love."

"It Will Be Done."

As He Cried In Joy.


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