In the Garden of Gethsemane

Updated on June 30, 2018
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I am a simple girl that has an addiction to God, Christ, And The Holy Universe

Christ Walked In The Judaean Desert

Close Your Eyes

And Breathe

Break The Chain

Of A Bad Day

Control Your Emotions

I Must Ask You

Are You Hearing

Echoing Whispers

Haunting Words

Telling You That You

Can't Take Anymore?

There Is An Invisible

Negative Energy

That Will Linger

With You

As Long As You

Dance With The

The Invisible Host Called

Spiritual Warfare

It Will Spin You

Around Into

Warfare With Yourself

It Will Pull You

Into Fearing

Your Next Breath

It Will Dance You

Into The Corner

Of Desperation

It Will Take Control

Of Your Life

It Will Bring You

To Your Knees

In Deep Tormented

Pain Of Not Wanting

To Breathe Anymore

You'll Be Be Begging

Christ To Bring

You Home Now

You Will Feel

Like Your In

The Garden Of


Christ Soul Was

Overwhelmed With

Sorrow To The Point

Of Death

When Spiritual Warfare

knock On Your Door

You Must Focus On

The Pain Christ


And In


Christ Walk In The

Judaean Desert

For Forty Days

And Forty Nights

Satan Tempted Christ

He Suffered Continual

Taunting From Evil Energy

During Spiritual Warfare

You Must Enter Unto

The Gates Of Joy

And Walk It

In Peace As Our

Lord Christ Did

There Are Many

Holy Mysteries Of

Spiritual Warfare

Enter It With No Fear

As Christ Did

Blessings On Your

Walk With Christ

Many Mysteries About

Life's Holy Powers

And Interactions

With The World

Is Not Spoken

Because If It's


You Won't

Discover The

Truth Of You

Feeling, Touching Every

Emotion That Stirs Within

Your Entire Essence

Which Is A Path

Leading To The

Truth Of

God Whom Is

Within You

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      • Mark Tulin profile image

        Mark Tulin 

        8 months ago from Santa Barbara, California

        Nice flow, music and message. Thanks, Diane

      • Diane Denison profile imageAUTHOR

        Diane Denison 

        8 months ago from Cincinnati Ohio

        Thank you Heather for understanding this poetry. What you say is so true. Walking with Christ is a hard walk full of test and trails. In which your bond strengthens with Christ. You can hit your lowest emotions that you could feel and only holding onto Christ will lift you up from your darkest moments and it feels almost like he wipes your tear drops away. And you enter into joy and peace.


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