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In The Eyes of Memories


I miss your eyes, I miss your voice speak,

Warning me to be bright and cautious,

For the days ahead that are callous,

Your presence purely brought beauty,

Of joy so sweet to be felt with security,

I look around and find one like you,

The resemblance flowing like a sea,

For no one will ever give me,

Another mother's love in my blood flows,

Because I yearn for the love that glows.

At times I see you in my dreams,

loving and caring though you're in deams,

At times you suffer in sequential pain,

But you say it is worth the gain,

And I wake up in tears, tearing my heart.

For the queen of my heart left me hurt.

I say a prayer to your soul everyday,

Asking the Almighty God to keep yee safe,

And I smile to the stars and the sun in the sky,

Knowing you are ok even after you had to die,

For a mother's love lives to eternity .

Let me sing sweet songs of my heartbeat,

Under the scorching sun and season night,

For your joy will live in us day and night,

And a peaceful heart I promise thee,

For My love for you will always be.

© 2021 Millicent Okello

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