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In The Darkness I Still Care


So Different Than Every Horror Movie You Have Ever Seen

At night when I am alone

I think more than ever

I send out my blessing to whom ever will not object

I now have started three sentences with I

Not on purpose I tell you

It's just the way it comes across my mind

Faster than a microwave and more delicious than twice baked potatoes

I try to put my thoughts under one category

Then sometimes they don't really fit in

It's like the wind now picking up and knocking papers off the table

A second ago it was fine

Go figure

I feel like an action figure that has a job to do

Not fight crime like the other ones

Just likes exploring his own mind

From time to time I will talk about the silliest things

Then other times digging into life's harder issues

Always doing it with a touch of realism and funism

Yes I made that word up

Because life should always have a touch of fun

We need the balance

Even though if I go to touch my toes

I would almost fall over

It could be from back issues or maybe arthritis

Maybe I am out of shape

I personally think the world is moving faster

So I am not the only one who would topple

I will end it here

Not because I have reached a number of letters

Because I have said what I want to say tonight

Now I am going to look over a box of old memories

Take a picture of some greeting cards that are so old

They are starting to smell

I can freshen them up with a febreze

I think maybe I have caught up with technology

For just a second

It can be used to my benefit

Clear up some space

Some people think

It's time you got rid of the clutter

I fought everyone tooth and nail for years

You drove me to tears

You discarded your personal cards like a worn out, hole in the toe, dirty sock

I loved those lasting memories and why should I want them to part

Now they can still exist

Thank you God

For helping someone create paperless

I think


DREAM ON (author) on November 01, 2017:

Shanmarie I enjoyed our conversations the other day. Time has a magical way of slipping between our fingers. I thought with more reminders of time I would get a better grip on it. The clock on the stove, bureau and near the t.v. Our cell phones alone is a constant reminder of every second that ticks away. A clock in our car and I have three clocks at work. They all help just a little bit. The important thing is do what you can while you can. I hope your day went awesome. I was out in the yard picking up branches and leaves we had left from a recent storm. All is good here just going from work to home and back to work again. I had a few minutes to spare. My thoughts right now are I am glad to be sitting down. Nice to rest and take a load off my feet. The night is dark and cold. I am warm and wonderful. That is a nice start at 7:44 at night. So I am a slow starter. Nobody is perfect. I look forward to talking again real soon.

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 27, 2017:

LOL. Now you've put a song in my head and I don't even know any of the other lyrics other than "sorry I'm not sorry." But why should you be sorry? I never mind the long comments and it it is your own hub. Your own space, your own desires.

Yes, a few errands. One was a sort of check up to establish myself as a new patient with a new doctor. My husband's employer paid us to do this. Nice to get paid to go to the doctor instead of paying out to them for once. LOL. All is as good as can be for now. Nothing new to worry about. Apparently some minor infection or something, according to blood work, but nothing major. Maybe it is that tooth. So now that that's out of the way I can do a few other things before heading home for a little sleep. Or not. I'll see. Lots to do there too.

Hope you have a good day at work.

I am certainly not an expert on the subject, bit I can always exchange thoughts with you about dementia. You might be interested in reading the hub I have about the virtual dementia tour.

DREAM ON (author) on October 27, 2017:

Shanmarie I am sorry about all the posts. Not really. I enjoy it too much. You push me to think differently on what I believe to be true. People are people. Hubpages is a place where I can share my thoughts/ writings and turn them into poems and maybe short stories one day. I have never earned one penny from anything that I write so it is always been the biggest and greatest hobby I have ever had. I love it because I don't have to buy any sports equipment, no tools needed. I can go on at different hours of the day and connect to those who have a passion in life for writing and want to connect to real people who have real hearts that can be broken. I will try to keep it simple and sweet. What we learn from each other is so important in life. To live life and not care is not living. I will go to work today and come home and hope I find a comment from you. If not I know you had things to do. Because you told me.You said listen I am here now but I have to go. I understand. Life is filled with so many challenges and it is up to us ( in my mind only) to take on those challenges and turn those into opportunities. Then turn our life into the most wonderful life anyone has ever seen. Filled with never ending joy. The end.

DREAM ON (author) on October 27, 2017:

Shanmarie I was about to leave and I had to read your comment. Your comment then made me think and before I forget and lose my mind I had better write back to you. I started to do reading on dementia and it scared the living day lights out of me. I didn't want to imagine what could be or start believing I have something when I don't. Then again some strange things with my memory does happen daily. I have thought about getting checked out to know for sure then I don't really know if I want to know. If it is nothing then that is great if it is something then how will my life change and will it be for the better. I would love to discuss that with you if you ever have the time. I appreciate all the reading and work you do on any subject that involves peoples minds and ultimately their life. I do know for certain I am an hyper sensitive to many things. I find that a good thing in writing but a bad thing in my day to day work and family life. Kind of ironic huh. I appreciate all your thoughts here on HubPages and I know as people get older our thoughts change. It is part of life and earning. I am also fascinated by books on many different subjects. I love holding the book in my hands. Old school. Now it seems to be a thing of the past. There are many stories I have yet to tell. Each thought creates a world of new thoughts. I like to think it is a good chain reaction. Like a snowball rolled back in forth in the snow. If you take the time the snow ball can grow pretty big. The size of a boulder. Then all we have to do is start again and repeat many times as necessary. That is my life and in a nut shell. I am glad you didn't leave. Hope all your errands get done quickly so you can enjoy your nap. Pleasant dreams.

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 27, 2017:

There you go again before I can post. LOL. Yes, there are some wonderful people here. And I am lucky for the true friends, but as I said, apparently some people aren't even worth following. I just don't know who exactly. It was quite mean to tell me people are talking but not who so that I could set the record straight or walkaway, depending on whether or not it was an innocent good intention. It bothered me a great deal for a couple weeks, but now I feel differently about this site as a community type of place even though I don't care so much what people say. What still stings sometimes is realizing a person I considered a close friend and spoke to outside of HP on more than a casual basis was not as good of a friend as I thought.

I used to not make a distinguished difference between real life friends and online friends. People are people to me. I guess in that regard, I still don't distinguish between the two. However, to me, HP is now more like a work place than ever before. Only a workplace. Work place relationships rarely progressto actual deep friendships that last beyond employment somewhere. Because people can be friendly with strangers and acquaintances as well as with general friends. And you can like those orbit never trust them on a deeper level with a more personal feeling of connection. When I think of my closest friends, it took years to develop a bond of being one another's confidantes. Here, and in general, I still enjoy personal exchanges, but it isn't the same as an intimate connection. And I always remember, now more than ever, that people are fickle. A friend can cease to be a friend at any time for any reason. Be careful who you offer your deepest of affections to.

Sorry to go all serious on you here. I'm not bitter, just less apt to believe people here are actual friends. Look at it this way, if you will, I've found it is often easier to help or to impact people who are not close to me anyway. Maybe it's because those people don't see all the many facets of my personality, flaws and all. Unfortunately, those who are close often see it all and have to truly care for you as a person with all the flaws accepted, too.

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 27, 2017:

Finished one reply with the pleasant surprise of finding another addressed to me.

I wouldn't say that I remember everything exactly as they happen. The mind is a funny thing. But I do remember the good, fond feelings I had more than the bad. I'm an emotional person so sometimes the pain takes hold for awhile, mostly when it involves a broken relationship. But I choose not to be resentful and I purposely dismiss those feelings whenever they arise until they are gone, along with the hurt. I find it is better for me in the long run. Years down the line I can remember someone with love instead of the resentment, or worse, a burning hatred and detesting feeling that could be detrimental to my own happiness. Besides, it is never a blame game to me. Always two sides and two perspectives, at least. I can't ignore my own part in things that happen. But like you say, had to learn to not try so hardcore someone I care deeply about changes their mind about me.

Recently I was told by someone angry with me that people have negative opinions of me around HP. And it went songs as someone saying I tried to scam money, which is untrue. It almost cost me another friendship in addition to the one who was already angry to begin with. But I was totally flabbergasted. I know now the warnings and lie didn't come from people I have considered an actual friend and not just an acquaintance here. But I still try to believe the best I can put of this scenario. Perhaps it's more like a child's game of telephone. Some reported or shared something with someone else that became distorted as it was passed around songstress the truth was no longer the truth. Still unpleasant, but easier to understand. I don't Carr's much what people think of me I don't care as much about, but it stings when someone I admire and care about believes these things. Even spreading negative opinions and experiences can be detrimental when discrediting someone else's integrity. I much prefer to believe what I hear and see for myself most of the time.

Anyway, I started to leave here and never wanted tobshare anything personally intimate in writing again with the general public. But then some people who may not be close friends but are definitely true friends encouraged me to consider staying. It is not the same, yet here I am.

Oh, meant to say sorry to hear about Alzheimer's in your family. Mine too. My dad's mom had it and I don't think she even recognized me the last time I saw her . Now my mom's mother likely has the mild to moderate stages of it. I've been researching and writing for a book on the subject for awhile now. But it scares me everytime I do something stupid with my memory. It's probably a matter of his blood pressure or my Vitamin D levels were severely low for awhile and I read that both of those things can impair memory. Bit I've been to a virtual dementia tour and know that people are usually aware something isn't right when it starts. My grandma was, I'm sure. She revealed that to me one day when she snapped at me for getting frustrated with her for missing the same turn again and again on a road trip. She never snapped at us, but that day she snapped and said itbacared her too. Stunned me into silence because it was the first time I realized Sheena's concerned about her memory. I'd thought it was just an annoying matter of not paying attention. But, for me, I can notice when I am not thinking clearly and my mind is middy. Saying the wrong word instead of the one I mean or incidents where I forget what someone says rightvafter they say it several times in a row. Weird things I can't explain. And it does scare me because I wonder what I may be like a few decades down the road if I develop the same thing.

But right now I am feeling good and must get on with m6 many errands before I can take a nap. Have a good day!

DREAM ON (author) on October 27, 2017:

Shanmarie You are very blessed to have such friends. I am not as fortunate. Friends here on HubPages are wonderful but out of the blue they can disappear at any moment. Because they are real but they are not. They maybe stop writing or move out of state and keep secret for many reasons. I am sure you have left posts to other hubbers and then when you go to check your post it says something like Hubber no longer exists. I feel sad and hurt because I thought we had a good friendship and I was wrong. Because friends let friends know when they move and where they go. So I have to believe everyone here is imaginary. Then it keeps me from being hurt again. Especially when you have been meeting the same people for year after year. I get to know that person a little bit. At least I thought I did. Do you ever feel that way. I am told we live in a busy world today nobody has time to write and share with you. They have their own families, friends and neighbors to talk to. I say but here on HubPages is different because we all love writing and that's what writers love to do is write. Another one of my brothers said I am just wasting my time and my writings are no interest to no one. You are fooling yourself to believe they mean something. I still believe we make a difference and he was wrong. He had his beliefs and I have mine. I don't hurt anyone and just maybe I help can help other people who think like me. My brother would say are e done here I have things to do. So we would leave even though I would of loved to talk all day. My brother passed away a year ago and now I can never talk to him again. We lost our chance to connect even more. The memories I have of him are how I use to aggravate him with all my dreams and thoughts of what could be. He believed in the here and now. That's it. So each day I drift from thoughts of years past to present day. I believe they are all connected and weaved together in some strange pattern. Like a beautiful quilt or blanket that took endless hours to make. Some people would say that was a waste of time too. I hold it in my hands and say someone had to buy the yarn. Pick out the colors. Take the time to make it. Fix any problems they encounter. Finish the blanket for instance. Give it to that person. That person had to take care of it. Then when they were done they had to give it to someone else and they had to take care of it too. Anywhere along the way it could of been easily thrown away and gone forever. But it wasn't and because of the wonderful chain of events I curl up to this blanket on a cold day today. This is the magic of writing and the joy that comes from reading. Thank you for all your comments. I have to eat breakfast and do a few things before work. Have an outstanding day.

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 27, 2017:

It's more like a phantom toothache, Instead. Not much of my wisdom tooth left, but it is still throbbing. I may have somehow scratched the gum when flossing. And part of it may be high blood pressure and sinus infection perhaps. Sometimes one or both of those things cause my gums to hurt. Thanks for the suggestion.

Life as it is now is definitely better than it was before our time. Can't help preferring some tthinhs as they were, though, such as a tangible book to hold in my hand as I read. I did break down, however, and start using the Kindle app. Only because it was already downloaded when I got a new phone after killing my old one when I dropped it in my drink. I discovered that I do like having quick access to more books than I could ever read. It just still isn't quite the same.

You also reminded me of a little thing that happened with my kids the other day. It ended up with me joking about that old saying... I went to school uphill both ways.... You know it. But it was funnier to me because they believed me at first. Geesh. They think I'm ancient.

I know what you mean about writing. I often soothe same thing. I used to keep it all inside. Sometimes I drilled that, too, but writing it out helps. Sharing it with someone else sometimes helps even more. It's not for sympathy or necessarily a sounding board or any sort of advice. It is just somehow freeing and helps me better understand myself. So sometimes I share with a trusted person or two and let it out in writing more than in person. And sometimes I try to be more productive and then it into an article or something. One thing about writing, all feelings across the range from good to bad help to create poetry, stories, essays, all sorts of things. And makes it more reliable to others.

DREAM ON (author) on October 27, 2017:

Shanmarie I love that you can remember things as they happen. I wished and hoped that was the way with me. My mother had dementia and I might get it too. I know what I think of now is quite different than what I remember of yesterday. Some days I don't remember a thing. It is as if I never have lived at all. Some people say it is because you do so many things. I don't believe that. I look at old writings I have posted here on HubPages and don't remember writing them at all. So for me I have to keep writing. I use to keep journals just for myself and soon so many of them got lost or destroyed. It was time wasted now I can go on line. I share the most important part of my day here on HubPages. I am lucky if I get ten to fifteen views a day. I am happy just to get just one view. I get excited when I get two. Thrilled with three. Elated with four. I start to black out with five. So on and on I go. I never tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do. I just know what works and doesn't work for me. Everyone is different and should be treated that way. I have bought old letters that someone else through out. When I read them I feel like that person for that one second. Emotionally I feel what that person might of felt writing that ten years ago. Now I don't know I that person is still alive or dead. They could be behind bars for the rest of their life. They lived a troubled life. A whole different life than I have ever seen. So to me and for me only I thank those people who share their personal life with the world because it helps me understand my own life. I never judge a person for what they have done. I am too busy trying to make my own life better. Fixing my mistakes and trying to live a better life. Many days are just your normal boring day to day routines. Then I got to thinking. Maybe my average day is so different than someone else. So all I can do is share and wait to find out. If my writings are boring then you can say that too. I have learned years ago no matter how hard I try for someone to like me the opposite happens. They don't like me. So I gave up trying so hard. I don't get it. If someone went out of their way to be extra nice to me all I could think of is being extra nice to them. One hand washes the other. One hand helps the other. There are bad people that have and will take advantage of my kindness. I have gotten burned in the past. They take friendship and trust as a way to get what they want. They will never really care about other people except themselves. So I try to find the people like yourself that care and share the good and sad in life. No matter where or when it comes. Then we can help each other find a great feeling if it is just for the moment. Then so be it. If it is for two minutes that is fine. If it is for hours on end that is fantastic. I get so busy with the good people like yourself the bad has a hard time to reach me. The bad finds a way to someone else that doesn't have a wall of friends who care. I have had a tough time when I was younger trying to understand why my own brother would do me harm. I still will never figure out when all I wanted to be is a friend. He made it dam clear that was never going to happen. So instead of hiding my fears. Dwelling on the past that I wanted so much to be different. I live with my own emotional scars and talk through my deepest, hardest problems today so I will never feel like that again. I am determined never to let someone no anyone family or not make me feel so hurt and helpless. I honestly believe even through our toughest moments they are in our life for a reason. So we can grow not just on the outside but in the inside where it really counts. Well I didn't mean to talk your ear off. I do value everything you say. I try to keep my comments at a minimum. I don't understand why someone would ever want to hurt another person for no reason at all. I do understand some people find it fun or enjoyable. I realized I can't be around those toxic people because they will always get what they want and I will feel awful in the end. I have enough of my own baggage that I don't need theirs too. I do love writing and talking with you. I do love digging deeper into the world that we share. I do believe we are put on this earth to help one another. The things I don't understand I leave for scientists or experts in any field to figure out. Hope your day turns out better than it started. Please let me know how your day turns out. Either by e-mail or here on Hubpages. Your friend Dream On.

DREAM ON (author) on October 27, 2017:

Shanmarie I have struggled with a toothache and they are no picnic. I once had a tooth that ached unless I was chewing something. So at home I would chew celery all night when I was up because I couldn't sleep. Gum some how wouldn't work. I couldn't wait for the dentist the next day. It drove me wild. I couldn't concentrate or think of anything but. Apparently all I needed was a filling but it was deep in the root. It wasn't to years later I had the tooth pulled. I brush all the time. My dentist says I have soft teeth so some how they are more prone to cavities. I would brush all the time and still get cavities. It wasn't till years later I got a Phillips Sonic Care electric toothbrush and my teeth are better but they never will be perfect. It really does help. I use both on my teeth today. Maybe you might give it a try? Let me know what works for you ? People say the world was sometimes better years ago. I tend to differ. I like and enjoy today right this moment because I feel it is the greatest moment in time. Years before I was born I couldn't imagine how primitive dentists handled toothaches and getting fillings. That alone would drive me nuts. I don't like pain and will avoid it at all costs. Emotional or physical. The strange thing is pain keeps finding me. So the only way I found that works is writing about difficult situations and the pain involved. Then slowly I can release my anger and after that I can focus on fun and good things all around me. When I have a good day I am on top of the world. Nobody else seems to care. I know and feel the difference. I do try to relate things as I see them good or bad and if they are bad I try to reel in the positive. Reading your comments and other peoples thoughts help with my own problems and insecurities. So I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to my stream of consciousness. It seems clear and real to me. Some people think I am just rambling on. I know after I discuss certain things I feel healed or relieved in some odd way. That when I kept it to myself it wouldn't go away. I am going to post this because in the past my computer would change it's page and my comment would get lost. All the time put in writing it also gone.

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 27, 2017:

You have a way of writing in a sort of stream of consciousness that still offers a message. Very unique. Keeps people coming back to relate.

Can't sleep because of a toothache and have to be up in an hour. Plus the cat keeps knocking the phone out of my hands so that I will pet her while she makes biscuits on my tummy. I have a busy day tomorrow and I will regret not sleeping last night... Yeah, it's today now, not tomorrow. LOL

Fresh. I ramble too much when I communicate in writing. And say less than half as much in person. All I started out wanting to say is that I used to save all my letters and such. But those letters of mine went up in flames with our home in September of 2012. Yearbooks and memories. So sad, but it taught me to treasure those memories most in my heart. Sometimes the physical reminders bring pain, anyway, and I much prefer the sentimental fondness. I tend to remember things that affect me long after someone says it to me, anyway.

DREAM ON (author) on October 26, 2017:

Gypsy Rose Lee I love that you are looking at your memories but please don't throw them away. You have saved them for so long. Even the bad thoughts can be used to good. You are older and wiser and can see different situations in a new light. You are in control. You can turn those memories into stories and change the way it happened and make up the ending you wanted to happen. By doing this you accept your life and now can make it as wonderful as possible. I saved so many notes and writings when I was young and lost most of them. The time and energy wasted. I can't go back and see life through my child like eyes. What happened. The people I shared it with are all gone. Your notes are safe and one day they may serve as your best writing. Emotionally you might be too delicate to think about certain things. What makes you so talented is the way you see things through the life you have lived. Just my suggestion. I really enjoy sharing and caring about you. You have amazing talents. Thank you for all the wonderful comments. You helped me start off my day on the right foot. When i am blue I turn to Ted Talks it's an amazing free sight of inspirational speakers that motivates me to do more. Let me know what you think ? I am here to listen. I am constantly finding thoughts new and less inhibited. It takes me years to dig into what happened in my life. To accept I had a choice and many times I let things happen. Thank you for reading on this gloomy day here in Maine.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on October 26, 2017:

Just recently I started digging through my old diaries dating back to even when I was just about 11. Then I realized it's great to have the memories but not everything written brings fond memories. So I took a notebook and jotted the most important milestones from which I can write up something but the rest I am dumping. Excess baggage I don't need now.

DREAM ON (author) on October 25, 2017:

I'm in Maine and you in Texas what is the coincidence we are doing the same thing. Recently I lost what I thought was important papers and mixed in were greeting cards from the 1990's. I have acquired so many things that soon I couldn't keep track what was important and what is junk. In the pile were old paid bills I saved, check stubs, work stubs, articles of interest and things I like to call physical mementos. Gifts I couldn't ever part with. Well I did part with the and lost also some writings I can't replace. I recently had a flood and my writings were on the bottom in boxes and before I decided to toss them I had to look at everyone one last time. To see if they are really important or not. I came up with an idea. I take a picture of each of the messages or cards, stubs, writings etc. I feel are important and save the image not the object. I originally was going to scan everything but never got around to it. How ironic. Now I am forced to make sacrifices and accept my losses. What it does do is makes what I have more important and valuable. Because I love to write I also love to think a lot. So I am constantly writing down my latest idea. They are in little pieces of paper to notebooks. I get a thought from a commercial an ad in the mail. I am always open to conversations and receptive to the mood of the day. Then there is HubPages where notes and stories pile up. I use to make copies of every story I wrote just incase HubPages one day disappeared. Nobody took the time or the effort to show me how to copy and paste. The copy machine wouldn't print peoples comments no where because of it I had to think of a different method. My wife learned and showed me how to copy and paste. Sometimes I am not happy with my results. I still am afraid my e-mail will crash. I am moving forward because I can't use the old ways it is too time consuming and costly. I would go on and tell you more but I have more cards to copy and I can't do both. Thank you for sharing and I hope you will try the picture taking or scanning method where everything goes on a memory card. It's the best thing to saving everything in the world. I am laughing because I can only look at so many things before my mind goes crazy, Then I need a break. I have also come across old photos that because they got damp all stuck together. I am currently using a blow dryer to separate and then copy and then get rid of. You might want to try another method faster than shredding all the important information you don't want anyone to have. I have a little fire pit and burn a little camp fire and put all the junk mail and everything I copy to good use. I have fun and get a little warmth out of it too. I say good things about everyone and watch it burn. There is even a packet you can add to the fire to make the flame change colors. Out with the old in with the new. I am using the time I would of been cutting and shredding to stretch or do other things. You would be surprised things burn. Have a special night. You have touched my heart and soul again.

Nellieanna Hay from TEXAS on October 25, 2017:

I love it! Your poem is an adventure in inner thoughts. In fact that is one of your talents, to create adventures in running inner thoughts. They’re yours, of course, but they are so fully human that others can easily relate to them.

Reading along, my mind smiles with some of your ponderings; then switches to, “OH no! Mustn’t give up on touching your toes. As they say, use it or lose it!.” Then I smile at my own thoughts, which also go on constantly, though I am able to turn them off to go to and stay asleep.

You really touched on a current activity of mine, sorting through bunches of saved greeting cards from back in the 1990s. I began the chore yesterday with starting to sort out and shred addresses, etc. which can be used by bad folks to steal people’s identities. (I remove and shred all that kind of identification before discarding even daily ’junk mail’ in my mailbox.) That kind of ID is mostly on the envelopes of mail, including greeting cards and their personally written messages, which maybe inside the cards if the senders wrote personal messages on the inside of the cards or included separate messages, which many do.

Yesterday, I did a lot of that sorting, after discovering a huge bag of saved Christmas greeting cards. Must have transferred them from a full box of saved cards under the dresser to this bag, which I’d stuffed into a closet.

As I went through a stack of them, I found ‘treasures’ among them I couldn’t part with. This morning, I was looking for another group of them to sort through, and there were SO MANY I couldn’t part with, even just the envelopes. Some were from people in other countries, so the envelopes are also treasures. SO - this morning, I didn’t bring downstairs ANY to trim off identifying things needing to be shredded. There are still more I haven’t yet checked it all.

I’m reminded of a novel in 1956 by Marcia Davenport, “My Brother’s Keeper” about two brothers who became hermits and never threw away anything till their house had become a tunnel through stacks to the ceiling of rotting keepsakes and even moldy old newspapers! Yeah! My mother, who was a ‘keeper’ of everything, read that book with interest, though it didn’t prompt her to sort out her ‘stuff’! She kept even all the tiny paper cups my Dad’s meds were brought to him in at the care center in his latter years.

It was impossible to find her real treasures among the junk stuff. She said that was her plan, so her treasures were fully protected! haha. Once she pointed to some ‘stuff’ stacked in a corner of the breakfast nook, and she said, “See that stuff? I’d clean it up if he would stop telling me to!” hahaha. Dad was as much of a neatnick as she was not one! What a marvelous pair! I’m a combination of both of them.

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