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In The Darkness I Still Care

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So Different Than Every Horror Movie You Have Ever Seen

At night when I am alone

I think more than ever

I send out my blessing to whom ever will not object

I now have started three sentences with I

Not on purpose I tell you

It's just the way it comes across my mind

Faster than a microwave and more delicious than twice baked potatoes

I try to put my thoughts under one category

Then sometimes they don't really fit in

It's like the wind now picking up and knocking papers off the table

A second ago it was fine

Go figure

I feel like an action figure that has a job to do

Not fight crime like the other ones

Just likes exploring his own mind

From time to time I will talk about the silliest things

Then other times digging into life's harder issues

Always doing it with a touch of realism and funism

Yes I made that word up

Because life should always have a touch of fun

We need the balance

Even though if I go to touch my toes

I would almost fall over

It could be from back issues or maybe arthritis

Maybe I am out of shape

I personally think the world is moving faster

So I am not the only one who would topple

I will end it here

Not because I have reached a number of letters

Because I have said what I want to say tonight

Now I am going to look over a box of old memories

Take a picture of some greeting cards that are so old

They are starting to smell

I can freshen them up with a febreze

I think maybe I have caught up with technology

For just a second

It can be used to my benefit

Clear up some space

Some people think

It's time you got rid of the clutter

I fought everyone tooth and nail for years

You drove me to tears

You discarded your personal cards like a worn out, hole in the toe, dirty sock

I loved those lasting memories and why should I want them to part

Now they can still exist

Thank you God

For helping someone create paperless

I think

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