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In Search of the Ultimate Tender Moment

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Welcome to the tail end of the holiday season

Where everything comes at a cost of time and money

Even vacation time comes at a price of getting used to it

Looking forward to some serious rest and relaxation

Turning my laser pointer focus onto something more tangible

An allusive loved one with a work schedule that only vampires love

He hates slugging through it, but needs to for the money

Makes the time we spend together all the more precious

Sounds a little like a lame romantic comedy

Don't care what the cynics says about this real life love story

Can't stop thinking good vibrations about him

Power of suggestive thoughts stronger than ever

One image of them or a familiar scent pulls them to surface

Don't misconstrue that as an sign of co-dependence or anything

Not in my nature in the slightest; something to look forward to

A break from the routine of a generic cubicle dweller existence

Just a chick enjoying the lure of a strong loving feeling

Doesn't have to be much of anything to gain satisfaction

A simple hug, a kiss or a long session of couch cuddling

Affection comes in all shapes, sizes and fabulous colors

That can only be purchased online of course

Where you have to pay for copious amounts of shipping

To get before the holiday madness hits fever pitch

Ready for some good old fashioned holiday cheer

In a form a long soothing hug from Mr. Wonderful

Might sound like it's very little, but a little goes a long way

Ready to spend some quality time with him

This week has been an arduous one

Eager for it to be over and find comfort in his arms

Surprised that this tough lady could be so vulnerable

It's the truth, so take it or leave it

If it's the latter, not my problem.

A little tenderness that goes a long way.

A little tenderness that goes a long way.

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