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In Search of Greener Pastures

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BeckyTP formally known as Rebecca Moraa is a student at Moi University Main Campus Kenya. My passion in poetry grew in primary school.


One day i finally knew
What i had to do,
And i began,
Though the voices around me
Kept shouting
Their bad advice
Though the whole house
Began to tremble
And i felt sounds.

"Mend your life!"

I tried padding my ears
But the voices grew louder
I just couldn't stand them
Just not any longer
For crying out loud
Couldn't they just leave me alone?
Why did they have to pester me?
I just had to let go
And go for what I fancied most.

Each voice cried,
But i didn't stop.
I knew what i had to do,
Though the wind pried
With its stiff finger
Sat the very foundations,
Though their melancholy
Was terrible.

It was already late enough,
And a wild night,
The road was full of fallen
Branches and stones.
But little by little,
As i left their voices behind,
The stars began to burn
Through the sheets of clouds,
And there was a new voice...

It was so soothing
It's sound was so musical
And the chords spelt hope
In the most heavenly way
I so much fell in love with it
Almost sitting down to just listen
But this now told me more
There was a lot of brighter light
Just way ahead of me
I had to keep moving..

A voice which i slowly
Recognized as my own,
That kept me company
As i strode deeper and deeper
Into the world,
Determined to do
The only thing i could do
Determined to save
The only life i could save.

There was only one mission
It kept me going
Even though my feet hurt
So bad that I could have sat to rest
But I had to save myself
I couldn't afford to lose myself
After putting so much effort
It would be injustice to my heart
To let go at this point..

A distant look in my eyes,
Stretching beyond the horizon.
A battle long fought,
In my dreams so surreal.
A thousand miles i did walk,
Before pausing to rest.
But the lights began to fade,
For it was time for my sunset.

I knew I didn't have a choice
But still I could create options
I knew resting would be
The start of my laxity
And that thought was one of those
That I didn't want to entertain,
At least not at this time
I needed to keep moving
Lest dawn found me still lost
In my stupid dreams of lose.

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