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Choice of Destiny

I recently unpublished one of my short stories because I didn't like it. I have expressed the same concept in the form of a poem.


Gozabo Gonzales was a man

Who found life to be pretty bland

Coins and notes he had plenty

But life was still somber

And not at all trendy.

He prayed every night

So he might try

To guess what is right.

"Why so sad?" God asks

"I know not what tasks to grasp,

To bring in joy

What mode should I deploy?"

Love himself he does

Yet satisfaction he can't have

God suggests a new style

To help others without any guile.

"A dollar here

A bread or two

To feed the poor

Is a charming way to prove

That you are for all

You are of all

And a heart to share

To show you care."

So he did, Gonzales hit

The jackpot of happy

No longer did he feel crappy.

He showered good deeds

On those in need

And felt blessed

From tears to the crest.

© 2019 Tiyasha Maitra

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