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In Search Of Me, Myself


One thing came to my mind

Who am I?

Why I am here and for what and why

Very next moment I remembered my name

But it has been given to me

I am known as my parents’ daughter

And sister of my brothers

That’s all who I am

Still I was in search of my true identity

Parents, relatives, names and faces all are related to physical existence

But what about my soul

And one fine day I got the answer

I heard one voice which was coming from the depth of my heart

That was my inner voice

It told me that it is super soul

And I am one of its parts

All living beings are its parts

All are connected to it

All souls are sent to the earth with a purpose

All living beings are here with a mission

To serve one another and make each life worth

After listening to my inner voice

I became free from my all sorrows

All my confusions and doubts got cleared

I did find myself

After knowing that special bond with the super soul

A new meaning has been added to my life

My perception towards life and people has been changed

I did search myself

I rediscovered my true self.


© 2020 thoughtsprocess