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In Search of a Happy Medium

Any Day We Can Go Off he Rails

It happens to the best of us

The important thing is we spotted it

Life is not a steady flow

Instead has dips and valleys

Highs and peaks

Even times where it goes flat

Like a patient on the operating table

As long as we get a pulse again

Where alive and moving

Even if it is not what we were expecting

It is life

We take the good with the bad

Each day trying to see more good

Then working with the bad to make it disintegrate

It doesn't happen over night

As much as we want it too

Life just doesn't work that way

We can keep applying what we know

Taking proper steps

Steady action

Stay positive even though the toughest times

Respond with more action

Give your mind time to process everything

Sleep on it

You might be surprised while you were resting your body

Your mind was busy at work

The answer may surprise you

Maybe even a clue to what to try next

Then as you see the weird unexpected changes

Life gets better and better

Then you don't have to whistle the blues no more

You can stop singing in the rain

Even thought that can be fun too

You can strike up the band

Play as loud as you want

Let people know nothing will stop me

I am ready to run a marathon now

Lets go

© 2021 DREAM ON

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