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In Praise of Happy Marriage: A Sonnet

Nikki Khan is happily married to her husband for last nine years.Nikki has two little cute kids who always support her to feel the best.

Love plays an important part in a great marriage

Happily Married Forever | Source

Happily Married Forever | Source

In praise of Happy Marriage: A Sonnet

Learn to stand quiet and full of deep attention

If thou forget then hit thy face with a sharp smack;

Which would aid thy to remember goodness of wife with correction,

If thou lose mind again, then don't ever dare to bang the dishes with a huge crack.

Stay obedient and true to heart, do not creep around

Thou can make thy lady happier with a credit card of endless limit;

Beware thy silence on her spending is a golden key to keep her heart surround,

Thy mistress would make thy world a Paradise of Roses in a minute.

Thou lips art pink like Roses my lady, thy smile seems like splashing water

Thy eyes are deep like an ocean, thy voice is sweet than a melody sound;

I never saw a goddess as hot as thou art my mistress, now nothing much matter,

Thou art my happiness of heart, I yearn to die in thy arms while sensing ground.

Thou art not easy to possess Oh Blissful Happy Marriage

Desperate art those who don't taste thou; And those too who swing in thy Carriage.

A Vow to love during all seasons

© 2018 Nikki Khan

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