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An Autumnal Breeze

I'm currently a university student studying business, with a passion for reading, writing and everything literature!



Autumn or fall is one of my favourite seasons. The colours and the beauty of it serve as perfect metaphors for so many different feelings and thoughts. This short piece inspires by this beautiful season and the thoughts and sentiments it evokes.

The breeze of


Does caress my mouth

As its swaying arms

Gently dance my heart out and

Into the crisp


That awakenes all too


I wish I could peel

An Autumnal breeze

And consume each

Ripe slice whole,

I wish I could squeeze

An Autumnal breeze

And devour its

Beating soul,

I wish I could swim in

An Autumnal breeze

And bathe in its

Copper-baked gold—

And I wonder sometimes

If I’ve had enough Time,

Spent enough Time,

Felt enough Time

Pass by –

And I’d stand still –

If only Time would.

© 2020 Shreya Venkat

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