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In My Darkest Times

Sitting On The Moon


Where Are You

In My Darkest Times

That Seems Will Never End

I Get On My Knees In Desparate Prayer

Tears Streaming Down My Face

Each Tear Drop That Rolls Down My Face

Feels Like Burning Fire Of Anguish, Pain Of

Swirling Torment That Has Kidnapped My

Entire Essence

As Though I'm In A Time Machine Of It's Own

Chamber Of Pain

Where Are You I Feel So Desolated In This World

As Though I'm Drifting Around And Around

All Alone On The Moon

I Can Now Feel The Pain That Christ Felt

As He Wandered So Alone

In The Wilderness Of The Desert

Being Taunted By Satan

Metamorphosis Of Every Demon

That Exist In The Universe Appearing

Toying With Your Emotions

My Tear Drops Of Burning Pain

Turns Into Feeling Christ Sorrow

In His War Battle Of Love For Us

Thoughts Of My Anguish Disappears

As My Thoughts Are Of Christ

I Feel Like I Am Holding Him,

Comforting Him, And

Whispering In His Ears

Your Not Alone, My Sweet Saviour

I Am With You, I Feel Your Pain

I Feel Your Isolation

All Of A SuddenMy Tear Drops Of Pain

Turns Into Tear Drops Of Joy

My Anguish Is Gone

Christ Has Been With Me

This Entire Time

Whispering In My Ears,

Holding Me Tightly,

Telling Me Your Not Alone

I Am With You



OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on March 06, 2020:

Very right. Those chaotic moments, twisted periods shape us to whom God wants us to be.

Diane Denison (author) from Cincinnati Ohio on March 06, 2020:

Thank you Olusegun. Many time in life we go through test and trails. And also this world is a little chaotic, but I think that these twisted times are going to end. Christ will straighten it out

OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on March 04, 2020:

He is with us all the way. We though may be overwhelmed by world's troubles at times, yet he is still with us, having passed through what we are passing through before. Good work, calling me to prayer.

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